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Don’t choose someone if they have to think twice about choosing you.


I pretend that it’s not bothering me while it’s actually killing me.


Every girl wants a happy ending love story.


Find someone who knows you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are.


It is so hard to be yourself when you are living in such a Judgmental World.


allowance is a force that motivates you to go to school.

Cute or Weird ?

Ants can be pretty annoying, but add some fur and panda print, and you’ve got yourself an adorable insect! But did you know that, despite the name, this is actually a species of wasp, not ant? Crazy! Found in Chile, the wingless females resemble large, hair

The secret

Until now, still nobody knows that I’m the real Batman.

Tropical Country ? (Philippines)

The recent popular tourist destination,Philippines is experiencing a cold weather due to a low pressure area that turns into a tropical depression agaton. Light to moderate rains are dropping for almost 2 weeks as the typhoon stays and seems not to move for a long time. Temperatures from the whole country starts to drop. It is reported that the weather will get back to normal as the week ends, So no worry for tourists who soon will visit the country for its god given attractions. :)

Why are you single ?

Brain: you’re weird

Body: and you’re fat Face: plus you’re ugly

Food: I’m here for you babe


I hate being second to those I put first.
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